Our thinking

What does Giotto Earth Listener mean? Three words that enclose our thinking and our philosophy and that go beyond the simple consulting, a term that by now is too restrictive to fully express who we are.
It 's a way of seeing the things without being slaves of our own education but hungry for knowledge.  Give free rain to the curiosity and to the new ideas, have the courage to look at things from perspectives never taken into consideration before. Do not forget to respect our earth, but to do this we must learn to observe and to listen to the nature and be inspired. 

Isn’t true that the art more subtle and precious is the listening? This does not mean just to use the hearing, but understand what express the environment that surround us: what are its needs, its fragility and its potentiality. Only in this way you get to understand the needs of the soil, of the vineyard, of the single vine, and of the bunch of grapes. 

And then become aware of what lurks in that particular environment, grasp its secret, show it in its best appearance and give voice to unique-quality wines, which are at the same time sustainable, for the territory of which they give voice, and for those people who, by taking care, devote time and resources to it.